12/31/2011-New Years Eve Update

Aloha everyone! Last night there was a nice big breakout on the hillside of Royal Gardens. On the same time the summit tilt meter had switch to deflation after a inflation that started early yesterday morning. The out break could be seen on the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website and also our office in Kalapana. Lava is still flowing in the tube system in amounts that could be reaching the ocean. Reports from boat captain Shane from Lava Ocean Adventures had said lava is still flowing into the ocean but very little. Lava should be flowing a lot more in the next few days. We will report everyday on the Lava situation everyday. Aloha!

P.S. We have cancelled all of our tours till further notice.

This is a map of this flow report. The marked red area is were this lava flow is and its path to the west Ka’ili’ili ocean entry.


December 29, 2011

Aloha everybody! Today we had four tours that went out. Ikaika V took out the 10 am tour. Moe had the 12 pm tour, while Andrew had the 4pm tour along with Davin. Kyson rounded out the guides with the 6 pm tour. Activity was slowing down and could be seen with the Royal Gardens being inactive, as well as the coastal plain and the ocean entry. The tiltmeter recorded continued Di deflation and can be seen on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website. All guests were able to see lava and were happy.Stay tuned for updates on the lava.

Check this picture out. On the middle flow, you can see a figure of a women looking at the camera. For a couple of days there have been speculations of a presence roaming that area. Our guides could feel a warm feeling like someone have been protecting our tour or guests. Maybe she was the one that everyone have been feeling. Awesome photo.

12/29/2011- update

Aloha everyone! We have been paying close attention to the Electronic Tilt Meter on the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website. The meter had shown some significant deflation. The cause of that event is unknown. Lava is still being fed into the Pu’u O’o tube system but in really small amounts. Our guides on the day tour reported to see some nice A’a flows entering the ocean but had a potential of stalling out by the evening. Guides had reported that there were no surfaces break outs today. We are anticipating an inflation in the next few days. We will post the next update by morning. Hopefully there are still lava to see after this major event. Aloha and stay tune for the next update.

December 28, 2011

Tonight’s tours were successful, with two tours going out. The 4pm tour went out to the ocean entry and was guided by Jay. The 6pm tour also went out to the ocean entry and was guided by Ethan. Both said the West Ka’ili’ili ocean entry was very active. Flows on the Royal Gardens Pali had slowed down from two nights ago. The lava from the 26th of December that was flowing down the hillside in huge rivers found it’s way to the ocean. The massive amount of lava that came down the Pali is the reason for the DI deflation, which can be seen below.

This image is from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website, where you can also find updates and more info. All in all it was a good day with sunshine and some rain here and there. Until tomorrow, Aloha!

December 27, 2011 Tour

Aloha! Last nights tour was amazing. We had a 12pm tour that our Guide Moe took to the ocean entry and the hill side flows. He said it was spectacular. Second tour, guided by Davin, went to the ocean entry. They said it was awesome. Lava could be seen in many different entry points. Some entry points were more distinct then others. The plume could be seen from miles away. That was a indication of big activity at the ocean entry. Our third tour lead by Ikaika M went to the Pali or the hillside where lava could be seen on December 26 2011 flowing vigorously down the slopes of Royal Gardens. The activity on the hillside were minor but the bottom of Royal Gardens were incredible. Surface flows were wide spread out and moving pretty quick. Our tour could get right up to it. (The posted pictures are from this Pali tour). Our last tour lead by Ikaika V and Kyson went to the ocean entry. Activity progress through the night. What an awesome day!

December 26, 2011

Aloha Everyone! Last night’s tours on the 26th of December were awesome! Gabe went out on the 4pm tour and got up to some nice surface flows. The Royal Gardens Pali was very active with massive multiple rivers cascading down the hillside. The Glow coming from this flow was visible from miles away. As you got closer, the reason for the glow was apparent. Davin went out on the 5pm tour to the ocean entry, which was very active with multiple entry points. Andrew and Jay went out on the 6pm tour which also went to the ocean entry. The weather was cooperative, with a few sprinkles here and there. The winter season was apparent with the mountain wind being very chilly.  All guests were happy and returned safely. Until next time, Aloha!

12/26/2011- Update

Aloha everyone and happy holidays. Well we are doing tours this afternoon. We heard there were nice surface flows close to the ocean entry section of the flow field. We are anticipating that part of the coastal plain area. We had the day off yesterday so we have no updates for Christmas day.Sorry for that. We will be posting photos of to nights tour. Stay tune for that. Aloha!!!

December 24, 2011 Christmas Eve

Aloha Everyone! Merry Christmas! The Christmas Eve tour was amazing! We had two separate 4pm tours and a 5pm tour. The guides were Andrew on the first tour, Ethan and Davin on the second and Ikaika V for the 5pm tour. All three tours went to the ocean entry. The Ocean entry was very active and was very exciting. There were also many fingers of lava that were flowing into the ocean as well as some beautiful surface flows. The weather was cooperative and everyone got back safely. We will upload more pics.

Christmas Eve Update

Aloha! Weather for the up coming days is not looking too promising. Calling for HEAVY RAIN. We are keeping an eye on the weather. Call for any questions on the next couple days.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

Lava on the flow field has decrease a little cause of a slight deflation on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Tilt meter. Inflation is expected in the next couple of days. The ocean entry has dropped in activity today. Stay tune for our photo’s from our 4pm tour.