December 23, 2011 4:00 pm tour

Today’s tours were successful with all tours being able to get up close to beautiful surface flows. The 4pm tour was guided by Ikaika M. (whom also took these photos). Another 4pm tour group was guided by Gabe and the 5pm tour was guided by Ikaika V. The 4pm tour guided by Ikaika M. went to the ocean entry which had a lot of activity. The ocean entry had shut down earlier in the week, but has increased levels of activity since last night. The tour with Ikaika M. got to see lava pouring into the ocean at the ocean entry and was also able to get up to surface flows safely. The group with Gabe went to the base of the Royal Gardens Pali and also saw a nice surface flow, while the last tour with Ikaika V. also saw lava at the ocean entry with surface flows above that. More pictures will be posted from this tour.

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