December 27, 2011 Tour

Aloha! Last nights tour was amazing. We had a 12pm tour that our Guide Moe took to the ocean entry and the hill side flows. He said it was spectacular. Second tour, guided by Davin, went to the ocean entry. They said it was awesome. Lava could be seen in many different entry points. Some entry points were more distinct then others. The plume could be seen from miles away. That was a indication of big activity at the ocean entry. Our third tour lead by Ikaika M went to the Pali or the hillside where lava could be seen on December 26 2011 flowing vigorously down the slopes of Royal Gardens. The activity on the hillside were minor but the bottom of Royal Gardens were incredible. Surface flows were wide spread out and moving pretty quick. Our tour could get right up to it. (The posted pictures are from this Pali tour). Our last tour lead by Ikaika V and Kyson went to the ocean entry. Activity progress through the night. What an awesome day!

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