December 29, 2011

Aloha everybody! Today we had four tours that went out. Ikaika V took out the 10 am tour. Moe had the 12 pm tour, while Andrew had the 4pm tour along with Davin. Kyson rounded out the guides with the 6 pm tour. Activity was slowing down and could be seen with the Royal Gardens being inactive, as well as the coastal plain and the ocean entry. The tiltmeter recorded continued Di deflation and can be seen on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website. All guests were able to see lava and were happy.Stay tuned for updates on the lava.

Check this picture out. On the middle flow, you can see a figure of a women looking at the camera. For a couple of days there have been speculations of a presence roaming that area. Our guides could feel a warm feeling like someone have been protecting our tour or guests. Maybe she was the one that everyone have been feeling. Awesome photo.

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