12/31/2011-New Years Eve Update

Aloha everyone! Last night there was a nice big breakout on the hillside of Royal Gardens. On the same time the summit tilt meter had switch to deflation after a inflation that started early yesterday morning. The out break could be seen on the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website and also our office in Kalapana. Lava is still flowing in the tube system in amounts that could be reaching the ocean. Reports from boat captain Shane from Lava Ocean Adventures had said lava is still flowing into the ocean but very little. Lava should be flowing a lot more in the next few days. We will report everyday on the Lava situation everyday. Aloha!

P.S. We have cancelled all of our tours till further notice.

This is a map of this flow report. The marked red area is were this lava flow is and its path to the west Ka’ili’ili ocean entry.


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