December 23, 2011 4:00 pm tour

Today’s tours were successful with all tours being able to get up close to beautiful surface flows. The 4pm tour was guided by Ikaika M. (whom also took these photos). Another 4pm tour group was guided by Gabe and the 5pm tour was guided by Ikaika V. The 4pm tour guided by Ikaika M. went to the ocean entry which had a lot of activity. The ocean entry had shut down earlier in the week, but has increased levels of activity since last night. The tour with Ikaika M. got to see lava pouring into the ocean at the ocean entry and was also able to get up to surface flows safely. The group with Gabe went to the base of the Royal Gardens Pali and also saw a nice surface flow, while the last tour with Ikaika V. also saw lava at the ocean entry with surface flows above that. More pictures will be posted from this tour.

December 22, 2011

This is pictures from our 4pm tour on the 22nd of December 2011.What a beautiful day today was. Started off with blue skies on the forecast and ended with stars on the hike back. Our guide Andrew took our guests up to a awesome surface flow. Lava could be seen all over the coastal plain and the Royal Gardens subdivision.The hike to the flow is getting shorter by the day. A finger of an advancing lava flow on the base of the hillside is getting closer to the Kalapana area. While leaving the flow field the Ka ili’ili ocean entry showed some life after all. A bright glow could be seen in spurts. As you can see on the picture on the top of today’s blog,it shows our guests at the base of the active flow. Awesome tour tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow!  Also Merry Christmas everyone. We are taking tours on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

December 21, 2011

Aloha everyone! Tonight’s tours were successful with both tour groups being able to get up close to some beautiful surface flows. Our guides reported big surface flows at the base of the Royal Gardens Subdivision. Inflation at the summit of Kilauea has increased the amount of lava coming down the Royal Gardens Pali. Our guides reported huge rivers of A’a lava cascading down the hillside (top photo). The deformation chart on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website reports slight inflation at Pu’u O’o. This could be the cause of the hill side rivers of Lava that our guides had reported tonight. Stay tune for more updates.Photos by Ethan Doctor.

12/20/2011-Tour Update


Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

The current lava flow, coming down the pali and traversing the coastal plain, reached the ocean late last week. The ocean entry point is within the National Park, near its eastern border.  Today, numerous small streams of lava were cascading over the sea cliff, and lava entering the water was starting to build a small delta.

Aloha everyone! At this time we are taking tours up to the base of the Royal Gardens subdivison. Lava flows in that area are active at this time. Hiking time has shortened cause of advancing lava flows heading closer towards the Kalapana Gardens subdivision. Beautiful surface flows could be experienced in this weeks tours. Getting up close to the advancing flows could be possible this week. Ocean entries have been weak and have been shutting down. The new Ka ili’ili ocean entry had small signs of life this past days but the bottom of royal gardens subdivision had a lot of activity. These flows will make it to the ocean in no time. Keep an eye on the Deformation chart which is available on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory site. We are on a slight deflation but are anticipating a inflation in the next couple days. Inflation will increase the activity on the flow field soon. Hopefully the ocean entry will become active in the next couple days.

December 18 2011

We arrived at the same destination of the ocean entry that we were at on Dec. 14, and it had stopped. There were some surface flows above this area as seen in the photo. There was an active ocean entry about 200-300 yds further south, but the amount of activity didn’t seem like much based on the tiny plume. We arrived at 6:00 pm and still had a little daylight left to view the lava in before nightfall. As night fell we had a beautiful display of surface flows that we were able to get up to safely. We had two later tours that went up to the Pali and saw beautiful surface flows. The returning clients were excited about seeing creation firsthand in the form of Pahoehoe lava. The last group encountered a huge surface flow some 1000 plus yds away from the base of the Pali.

Ocean Entry

Taken on December 14th as the sun sets. This ocean entry had just started prior to our group arriving, and has shut down since that night. Another ocean entry is still active about 200-300 yds south of this entry point. Tutu Pele gave us a show with a beautiful surface flow that became an ocean entry as it flowed over the 70 ft sea cliff. There were some lava boats that were viewing the ocean entry just offshore. Our group arrived at 6:00 pm and departed at around 7:30 pm on this particular night. As soon as we reached back to the office it started to rain extremely hard. Overall it was a successful tour and another beautiful show from Tutu Pele…

Aloha and welcome!

Aloha! Welcome to Kalapana CulturalTours. We provide Hawaiian Culture tours, Extreme lava hikes, Bike tours, Eco hikes, Hunting tours,

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But life in Kalapana had it’s changes. Our fire goddess Madam Pele had her own plans for Kalapana. In a period of lava flows starting from the early 1980’s till present time, she destroyed the whole ahu’pua’a (district) of Kalapana, leaving hints of civilization behind. Homes, properties, and businesses were destroyed, and ancient ruins were engulfed in lava. But the most important thing that was lost was the culture and the way of life of the Hawaiian people that lived here and lost everything in front of their own eyes. Generations of perpetuation was lost in one generation. A few families had been spared by the lava, and not all had been lost. Life in Kalapana still lives on. These families are what’s left of Kalapana, Culturally and educationally.

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