Aloha everyone again! Lava is still entering the tube system and flowing towards the Royal Gardens subdivision. Friends, who are pilots for tour helicopters, reported that they could see lava and nice breakouts between Pu’u O’o vent and Royal Gardens subdivision. Lava is slowly reaching the Kalapana area. Tours possibly could pick up in the next couple weeks.

This picture is what’s left on the north eastern part of the Royal Gardens subdivision. The lava is approximately 2 miles west of this exact spot. Recent lava flows had just scrapped the edges of this area. Who knows this could be gone in the next couple weeks.

Map showing the extent of lava flows erupted during Kīlauea’s ongoing east rift zone eruption and labeled with the years in which they were active. Episodes 1–48b (1983–1986) is shown in dark gray; Episodes 48c–49 (1986–1992) is pale yellow; Episodes 50–53 and 55 (1992–2007) is tan; Episode 54 (1997) is yellow; Episode 58 (2007–2011) is pale orange; the episode 59 Kamoamoa eruption (March 2011) is at left in light reddish orange; and the episode 60 Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō overflows and flank breakout (Mar–August 2011) is orange. The currently active flow (episode 61) is shown as the two shades of red—pink is the extent of the flow from September 21 to December 13, and bright red marks flow expansion from December 13 to December 27. The fissure eruption that started this flow opened on September 21, which was the anniversary of International Peace Day. Thus, we are informally calling this the Peace Day flow. The flow continues to enter the ocean at the West Ka‘ili‘ili entry site, where a narrow lava delta is being constructed.

This is the map of Lava flows dating back to the early 80s to present. It is approximately 4 miles from Pu’u O’o crater to the top of the Royal Gardens subdivision. Lava has been reported to be between both areas. This map is brought to you by the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website.

Hopefully we will be taking tours soon! ALOHA


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