01/22/2012- Update

Aloha everyone! Lava seems to be entering our area again. Tours could be scheduled soon. A nice size of surface flows has been reported to be less then a mile from the top of the Royal Gardens subdivision. This flow could be reachable by hiking to it. We will be scouting this flow and taking gps readings to find out the actual distance from our start point on Tuesday. Stay tune for more information on this flow and also pictures of this flow will be uploaded on Tuesdays blog. Mahalo

Recent earthquakes had shook the Kalapana area. A 5.0 magnitude earthquake and over 20 after shocks had shook us today. It was centered 4miles south of Pu’u O’o crater. This event could mean alot of things. Check out the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatury website.

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