March 15 Lava Update

Aloha again everyone! March 14 tour was a successful one. It was approximately a 1 and 1/2 hour hike out to the lava. The eastern lobe had stalled out and there were no glow to be seen from that lobe also. Lava could be safely viewed at the base of the Royal Subdivision Pali. The Western lobe was active and alive. Lava flowed easterly from the last flow. Our tour could get up to many different surface flows. Here are some pictures of last nights tour.

This is a shot of the flow below the stalled out eastern lobe.

As you can see our Tour in the back ground at another flow.

Shot of the flow field moving down the coastal plains.

This is a view of where Jack Thompson’s house once stood from the coastal plains. As you can see some bright area’s of lava on the top of the Pali.

This is a shot of a channelized tube system on the eastern side of the Royal Gardens Subdivision.

One of the last signs of a subdivision. Here are couple of streets spared by the Lava. Only a matter of time till this will be covered. Wild pigs still occupy this little forest of  hope.

This is a shot of the flow field from the Royal Gardens Subdivision.

Mahalo for tuning in. Call for more updates and tour times. Aloha till next time!


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