April 6, 2012 Tour

The flow is advancing slowly towards the ocean. Di deflation has caused the flow to slow just a little, but now there is Di inflation. We can expect more lava to be coming down from Pu’u O’o. Our group found lava at the flow front and it was fairly active. When we first got to the flow we found recently cooled lava. Our guides Andrew and Ikaika did a good job finding some awesome flows for the guests. As the sun set, we could see more areas where the lava was flowing and we were treated with beautiful surface flows. The Pali had minimal action with some red spots hear and there. One spot had looked like a sky light over a lava tube. We could see strong glow from Pu’u O’o in periods. Our guests were very happy and left with a new found respect for lava. Until the next post, Aloha!

Lava breaking out and our tour in the back ground.

Couple of breakouts for our guests to get safely up to.

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