April 8, 2012 Lava Tour

Aloha! The eastern flows have advance towards the ocean since last nights tour. It had advance around 50 to 60 meters from last night. There was a high amount of fingers of LAVA on flow front. We could view many lava fingers in one area. The eastern lobe have been really active in the last couple days due to inflation on the summit. Strong glow also could be seen on the Royal Gardens Subdivision and the top of the pali. Also in the distance we could also witness strong glow from Pu’u O’o vent. The eastern lobe is the closest lobe to the ocean but the western lobe looks like the more active one. Glow also could be seen from that lobe. The flow front is approximately 1/2 mile away from the ocean. No ocean entry yet. Mahalo and have a great day. Stay tune for more posts.


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