April 11, 2012 Update

The eastern lobe of the leading edge has advanced further towards the ocean, but is still a long way from reaching it. Even though we had a good size deflation at the summit, we still have alot of activity on the coastal plains. Lava could be viewed safely. Multiple rivers and numerous fingers could be seen at the leading edge. First tour who was lead by MASTER MOE had a great show with there party staying there well over the scheduled time and second tour lead by BIG MIKE did the same. About an 1hour and 1/2 hike to the leading edge. About 7:30 pm last night they witnessed a huge breakout on the Pali of royal gardens. Glow could still be seen from Pu’u O’o. Today would be a perfect day to book a tour. Lots of LAVA to see at this time. Mahalo!

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