04/12/2012- 4pm and 5pm Lava tours update

Aloha! Due to DI deflation at the summit and Pu’u O’o crater for the past couple days had gave us a little concern on the activity on the flow front on the coastal plains. We were wrong. It was very active on the coastal plains. Many rivers of LAVA and breakouts could be seen. Tours had stayed out longer then normal. Inflation started today and we are expecting more than normal activity. Lava flows had advance slowly on the coastal plains. Flows are approximately 2/3 of a mile from the ocean. No ocean entry yet but soon. The eastern lobe had advance about 200 yards further since April 11 night tour. Lava flows are moving to the east. Tour length is shortening by the day. Also check out the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website for Lava updates and webcam action. Thank you and stay tune for Friday the thirteenth post. Have a great day and ALOHA!

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