April 21, 2012 Tour

Saturday’s tours went well. Both groups got up to flowing lava safely. Flows from Friday have advanced a little, but has not reached the the area were the leading edge stalled out earlier in the week. Still, the flows were pretty active with many breakouts visible. On the Pulama Pali, there were breakouts visible through the trail of smoke caused by the lava flowing through lava tubes.

Weather was cooperative most of the time, although we got sprinkled on. The tilt meter is now recording DI inflation, which started at around 12:00 noon on Saturday. If your wondering what a tilt meter is or what DI inflation is, you can check out the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website (http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/kilauea/update/deformation.php) for more information.All in all the trip was a great one. Aloha!


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