April 22, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha! What a beautiful day and night it was. Not only LAVA was visible but so many stars could be seen tonight. The 4pm tour was an awesome tour. The flow front had stalled out but just a couple hundred yards towards the Pali there were many breakouts. The flow front had moved to the east. It had moved around a hundred yards to the east of the original flow field. By a GPS tracking system it is about 2.5 miles to the actual flow. It is getting shorter by the day. Over a dozen of breakouts could be seen in just a small area. From rivers of Lava to slow majestic flows. Take your pick! It was there to see. Being out there for over 2 1/2 hours it was amazing. A couple of red spots could be seen on the Pali but really small. Could be sky lights from the tube system or really minor breakouts. Mahalo and book a tour today. Activity is high right now!

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