April 19, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha! Tonight’s tour was able to get up close to surface breakouts safely. The leading edge is still about 0.9 mi away from the ocean. The flows are widening more than advancing towards the ocean. Mikey and Ethan were the guides for tonight. Our guests were happy on their return. The tilt meter is currently on a DI inflation. Stay tuned for our next post. Mahalo!






Lava Update April 18, 2012

Aloha Viewers! Tonight we had a 5:00 pm tour that was able to get up close and personal to some surface breakouts, with safety in mind of course. Kyson was the guide and our guests were extremely happy with the tour. The weather held up and was very beautiful.

The leading edge is still widening, instead of advancing towards the ocean. The distance between the Ocean and the leading edge is about 0.90 mi. Until next time , Aloha!

Lava Update April 16, 2012

Tonight we had two tours and both of them were able to safely view lava up close. The leading edge of the eastern lobe is still active and has advanced slowly. The flow field seems to be widening more than advancing to the ocean.The tilt meter, which can be found on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, is now showing a slight DI inflation. You can expect more lava to be seen because of this. The weather was cooperative and both tour groups were able to view a beautiful starry sky. Until next post, Aloha!

Lava Update-April 15, 2012

The eastern lobe has advanced 100 yds since last night’s tour. Although the tilt meter is on a DI deflation, there was a decent amount of activity. Our guests were able to safely view beautiful surface flows. The western lobe seems to also be advancing, but not quite as much as the eastern lobe. As the sun set, we were able to see glow from multiple surface breakouts. The weather was also beautiful with clear skies and lots of stars. Until next time, Aloha!

April 14, 2012 Tour/Update

Aloha once again! Our groups were able to view lava and get up to surface flows safely. The leading edge of the eastern lobe has not advanced much since last night, but was still active. Since last night, the flow has advanced approximately 20 yds. Many surface flows broke out in our area and gave us many good shows. The tilt meter is once again on a DI deflation, but on a minor one. You can still expect to see good amounts of lava. Until the next post, Aloha!

Friday the 13th-April 2012

Aloha! Tonight’s tours were led by Andrew on the 4:00 pm tour and Ikaika on the 5:00 pm tour. All of our guests returned extremely happy and were able to safely get up close to surface flows. DI deflation slowed the flow only a little. Activity has picked up with DI inflation (DI deflation and inflation can be found on the tilt meter, which is found on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website) and the increase in activity could be seen tonight. The leading edge is still about 0.9 mi away from the ocean and is advancing slowly. It’s just a matter of time before the lava enters the ocean, but we can’t predict Mother Nature. Tomorrow we will be having a 4:00 pm and a 5:00 pm tour. Aloha!

04/12/2012- 4pm and 5pm Lava tours update

Aloha! Due to DI deflation at the summit and Pu’u O’o crater for the past couple days had gave us a little concern on the activity on the flow front on the coastal plains. We were wrong. It was very active on the coastal plains. Many rivers of LAVA and breakouts could be seen. Tours had stayed out longer then normal. Inflation started today and we are expecting more than normal activity. Lava flows had advance slowly on the coastal plains. Flows are approximately 2/3 of a mile from the ocean. No ocean entry yet but soon. The eastern lobe had advance about 200 yards further since April 11 night tour. Lava flows are moving to the east. Tour length is shortening by the day. Also check out the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website for Lava updates and webcam action. Thank you and stay tune for Friday the thirteenth post. Have a great day and ALOHA!

April 12, 2012

Last night’s tour was able to get up close to some nice surface flows safely. The leading edge is still advancing towards the ocean, but is doing so slowly. Still, there is a lot of activity, although there is DI deflation. The eastern lobe is approximately 0.9 mi away from the ocean. Our guests were extremely happy with their lava hike last night. The weather started with rain in the morning and cleared up by the afternoon and stayed clear during the tour. Until next time, Aloha! P.S. We will blog again tonight when the tour returns.

April 11, 2012 Update

The eastern lobe of the leading edge has advanced further towards the ocean, but is still a long way from reaching it. Even though we had a good size deflation at the summit, we still have alot of activity on the coastal plains. Lava could be viewed safely. Multiple rivers and numerous fingers could be seen at the leading edge. First tour who was lead by MASTER MOE had a great show with there party staying there well over the scheduled time and second tour lead by BIG MIKE did the same. About an 1hour and 1/2 hike to the leading edge. About 7:30 pm last night they witnessed a huge breakout on the Pali of royal gardens. Glow could still be seen from Pu’u O’o. Today would be a perfect day to book a tour. Lots of LAVA to see at this time. Mahalo!

April 9, 2012 lava update

Aloha gang! You must be wondering how was the lava activity today. Well let me tell you! The activity was awesome. Lava could be easily approachable. There were many incredible lava flows. Fingers of lava was everywhere. We got our tour up to a very big lava river. A sheet of Lava approximately 60 feet wide and 200 feet long could be witnessed flowing and filling up a huge area. This is caused by inflation at the summit which had not deflate yet. Hiking time had shorten in the last few days. The eastern lobe is the closest to the ocean advancing every minute. The western lobe is very active at this time and creeping closer to the ocean also. Strong glow could be seen at Pu’u O’o vent. The guest were very very happy over the lava flows today and the tour. Book a tour now when LAVA is at its peek. Mahalo and stay tune for tomorrows post.