May 30, 2012

Aloha Viewers! Well we are happy to say we are back in business. We had a private tour today and they were able to see flowing LAVA. There were a lot of LAVA to see. Three massive fingers could be witness advancing down the Royal Gardens subdivision slope at a good moving paste. The tilt meter show inflation over the past 48 hours. Incredible inflation at this time. This could be viewed at the HVO website. The tour lasted around 7 hours total. About a 3.8 mile hike one way taking about 2 hours and 15 minutes each way and staying at the flow for more then 2 and 1/2 hours. While heading back from the lava to the parking area our guide and his guests could see break outs on the coastal plains. Lava flows on the coastal plains and the bottom of the Royal Gardens Hillside had spurred up and started flowing again. Tomorrow we will be taking our guest to those flows at 4pm and 5pm. Well until next time. A Hui Hou!

05/29/2012- Lava Update

Aloha! Well in this past 24 hours we have experienced very incredible changes. Kilauea  started to inflate at around 9:30p.m last night. At that time we have witnessed the Lava lake at Halemaumau rise.  We are now at DI inflation. That means Lava will be flowing again. We have also had 51 earthquakes in 24 hours. Awesome turn of events happened today.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

There is a small amount of lava still visible within the Royal Gardens subdivision. However, this flow could be some lava oozing out from the tube of the past flow. Tonight there was a surface flow visible above the Royal Gardens subdivision, which seemed to have advanced a few hundred yards in an hour span. Here are some photos of this new flow peeking over the hillside.

We will be starting tours up again soon, so keep checking in  and we will be keeping an eye on the activity. See you later, Aloha! We will leave you with a photo of tonight’s moon.

05/28/2012- Lava Update

Aloha everyone! Sorry everyone for the bad news. We will be cancelling all of our tours until further notice. Lava had stopped flowing at this time. We will be updating every week on the current eruption. You also can check out the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatories website for current updates on the Lava status. Due to the current DI deflation for the past week we are experiencing something unusual at this time. A major inflation had occurred 2 weeks prior to this massive deflation. Deflation means the current Lava lake in Both Pu’u O’o and Halemaumau craters had dropped or produced under average of LAVA supply. Check out the graph below.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

But we also have some good news. Our guides at Kalapana Cultural Tours and also the Kalapana Lava viewing rangers have spotted some Lava on the top of the Pali (hill side)  and also the USGS webcams have spotted some breakouts on the coastal plains. To confirm, we are hiking out there and scouting the area for any evidence of Lava. Check out our website tomorrow for the update. So there is a little hope! Aloha and stay tune.

May 24, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha Viewers! There is a big DI deflation going on at this time, so we will most likely cancel tomorrow’s tours. Tonight however, our groups were able to safely get up close to some surface flows.

The activity that we saw tonight was at a decreased level. There were still multiple breakouts, but the amount of lava has decreased, so the breakouts were not as active as the past days. Up on the Pali there was one spot where a nice surface flow was visible. So tomorrow we will most likely cancel all our tours.

Until next time, Aloha!

May 22, 2012

Aloha viewers! We had  a 4:00 pm and a 5:00pm tour that went out tonight. Both groups were able to view lava safely and get up close and personal.    The leading edge is approximately 0.5 mi away from the ocean and slowly advancing towards  the ocean . Up on the hill, the surface flow seems to have slowed down with just a few small red dots being visible.  The tilt meter is now recording a DI deflation, which is the reason for the amount of lava that is now being seen. All in all the tour was a succes. Until next time, Aloha!

May 21, 2012

Aloha! Tonight we were able to safely get up to some surface flow to view. Multiple breakouts were seen, as well as some small, short lived rivers of lava.

The leading edge of the flow field has advanced to within approximately 0.5 mi away from the ocean. Up on the Pali, the surface flow that came down last week is still visible. This flow has also advanced along the coastal plains. The tilt meter has recorded a DI deflation event, but this deflation is small if compared to the big DI inflation of the past week.

Until next time, Aloha!

May 19, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha everyone! We were able to get up close and personal to lava tonight, while being safe of course. Surface flows were active and multiple breakouts were seen. The flows of the leading edge are approximately 0.7 mi away from the ocean.

The eastern flow that came down the east side of the Royal Gardens Subdivision has advanced approximately .25 mi down onto the coastal plains. As darkness set in this flow could be seen more and more. Tonight the weather was also cooperative. Overall activity is high due to the inflation from the past few days.

Till the next blog, Aloha!

May 18, 2012

Aloha! Tonight’s groups were able to safely view lava. The eastern flow that has been coming down the Pali has made it’s way to the base of the Pali and has advanced onto the coastal plains.

Rivers of lava could be seen cascading down the Royal Garden hillside. This flow is still far away from the ocean, however. The western lobe that came around the front of the eastern lobe has also advanced slightly toward the ocean and eastward. This flow is still approximately 0.7 mi away from the ocean. Overall activity is high and this is connected to the continuing DI inflation which is being recorded by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologists (USGS).

Check out the HVO website at for more info.

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May 17, 2012

Tonight’s tours went well and all of our groups were very excited.The deformation at the summit and Pu’u O’o have been rising. Activity is at it’s highest. All of our groups were able to safely view lava.  The leading edge is still about 0.7 mi away from the ocean. Still advancing slowly. The western lobe had moved easterly and the hike is getting shorter. The new eastern lobe which the Kalapana Viewing area had been seeing for the past week has reached the coastal plain. Rivers and extremely awesome lava flows could be seen on that particular lobe. We are putting into consideration on taking guests to the leading western lobe edge or the more active new eastern lobe which is a little further. Pictures that are shown in this blog is from the active eastern lobe. Stay tune for more pictures and also we will be showing a video of today’s eastern lobe tour. Mahalo and book your next tour today.

May 16, 2012

Aloha once again! We had two groups go out today and both were treated to an awesome viewing of lava. Both groups safely viewed surface flows. The leading edge of the flow is approximately 0.8 mi from the ocean and  seems to very wide. Also, the flow has moved slightly eastward. The huge surface flow on the Pali has almost reached the base of the Pali. This finger is also wide and is making it’s way down slope very quickly. Once it reaches the base of the Pali however, it will most likely slow down in speed. The tilt meter, which measures the inflation and deflation of the lava in Pu’u O’o and the Kilauea caldera is currently recording a DI inflation. This and more can be found on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website ( ). We are expecting more lava to be coming down the hillside. A Hui Hou!