May 17, 2012

Tonight’s tours went well and all of our groups were very excited.The deformation at the summit and Pu’u O’o have been rising. Activity is at it’s highest. All of our groups were able to safely view lava.  The leading edge is still about 0.7 mi away from the ocean. Still advancing slowly. The western lobe had moved easterly and the hike is getting shorter. The new eastern lobe which the Kalapana Viewing area had been seeing for the past week has reached the coastal plain. Rivers and extremely awesome lava flows could be seen on that particular lobe. We are putting into consideration on taking guests to the leading western lobe edge or the more active new eastern lobe which is a little further. Pictures that are shown in this blog is from the active eastern lobe. Stay tune for more pictures and also we will be showing a video of today’s eastern lobe tour. Mahalo and book your next tour today.

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