June 19, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha folks! What a night tonight turned out to be. A lot of weird activity at the summit of Kilauea. Many inflation, deflation fluctuations happening this week. Big deflation started to happen this afternoon. But still a lot of LAVA to be seen on the Pulama Pali and the coastal plains. We will be anticipating inflation to occur in the next day. Lava activity is still high because of long term extension at Halemaumau crater and also Pu”u O’o crater. Our first tour at 4pm which was led by Guide Mikey went to the Pulama Pali flow where they were able to view some impressive rivers and fingers of Lava which advanced to a little Kipuka(forest surrounded by Lava). Lava just started to take that Kipuka out. Our three 5pm tours had gone to the coastal plains. There they could see oozing lava flows advancing to the ocean. No ocean entries at this time. A lot of breakouts on the coastal plains. After a small sprinkle of ua(rain) it turned out to be a beautiful night. Book a tour today. Activity is high right now. A Hui Hou(Till we meet again)


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