July 01, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha and welcome to the beginning of July. Lava activity is still very high at this time. The 4pm and 5pm tours have witnessed some impressive amounts of lava flows. The 4pm was treated with some ONO(good) skies and weather. No clouds in the sky and lots of stars and a huge moon glistened on the silvery ocean and lonely black lava. A lot of surface flows could be safely approached. The eastern lava lobe on the Pulama pali had made it’s way on to the coastal plains and started to advance pretty quickly towards the ocean. One finger had advanced significantly and the eastern finger started to burn parts of the eastern Royal Garden Kipuka. Deflation had started early Sunday morning but activity is still high. Also, huge rivers could be seen cascading down the southern part of Royal Gardens subdivision, which was around a mile from where we were. Awesome show tonight. Book a tour now for an experience you will never forget! ALOHA

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