July 2, 2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone once again! Hope you all had a wonderful Monday. Our tours today witnessed some great surface breakouts on the base of the Royal Gardens Pali. The eastern Pali (hillside) lobe was very active accompanied by another flow in the middle of the Pali or the southern lobe, which was flowing vigorously as well.Deflation had started late Monday afternoon but had no effect on the activity on the coastal plains and the Pali lava flows. Both tours had experienced some rain, but returned safely. Lava had advanced significantly  from yesterdays tour (Sunday). In a 24 hour time frame, the lava has moved over 100 yards. The flow front on the coastal plains had stalled out and there is no ocean entries at this time. Book a tour soon. Mahalo and have a great day


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