July 3,2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha again and happy 4th of July to everyone! Well just to let you know, we will be operating on 4th of July so if you want an incredible fire work show, our 4th of July LAVA tour would be the one you don’t want to miss. Limited spots available. The 4pm tour is full at this time so the 5pm would be your next bet.

Lava update- We had three tours today and all was a success. Our first 10am tour which was an exclusive tour from the cruise line. They were able to see lava and got up real close to some really active flows. So was the 4pm and 5pm. A lot of breakouts on the eastern lobe next to the Pali of Royal Gardens subdivision. Inflation started at 7am Tuesday morning and still inflating at this time. Pu’u O’o started to have an increase of inflation in the last day. We are expecting a huge volume of lava this week. A lot of glow could be seen from Pu’u O’o lastnight. The flow front towards the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had stalled out and the new active flows are on the base of the Royal GardensĀ  Subdivision. Awesome lava viewing tonight. Stay tune for more updates. Happy 4th of July!!!

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