July 16, 2012 Lava update

Aloha everyone! First off I wanted to thank the Hawaii Performing Arts Academy for a wonderful tour tonight. The experience was a memorable one. Tonight was a successful one. We got up to some incredible flows which our 3 groups witnessed. Couple new fingers on the eastern edge of the flow field was very active. Inflation had started today at around 11am this Monday. After Deflation for a couple days the active flow front had stalled out and a new flow had been reactivated on the bottom of the Pali(hillside). Activity will be high for the tours today. Book a tour soon. Also you can call our reservation number to get first hand updates on the Lava activity at (808)936-0456. Mahalo and enjoy the rest of the week. Stay tune for more posts. Also you can check us out on facebook at Kalapana-Cultural Tours and twitter(Kalapana Lava Tours). Aloha!

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