July 17, 2012 Lava Update

Aloha everyone! Welcome to another addition of Kalapana Cultural Tours Lava update. Huge deflation at the summit of Kilauea and also Pu’u O’o vent. You can visit the Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory website on it’s Deformation page. Deflation had started late morning Tuesday. Lava on the coastal plains was very active. The first tour at 4pm which was lead by Ikaika went to the base of the Royal Gardens Subdivison. A lot of Lava was witnessed on the base of the Pali. Even though deflation had started the activity was high. Nice surface flows and little rivers were visible on the 4pm tour. The second tour or the 5pm tour which was lead by Andrew witnessed a really huge breakout. A breakout that could be seen fromĀ  a couple miles away. A huge river which was as viscous as water was visible on that tour. That was an awesome show for the 5pm tour. Inflation is expected to be occurring in the next day or so. Book a tour now for an experince you will never forget. Mahalo and have a great day.

Also for your information we will not be operating on Saturday July 21,2012 .



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