July 20,2012 Lava update

Aloha everyone again! Happy aloha Friday gang. Lava flow were vigorous tonight. A lot of lava could be seen making it’s way down the Royal Gardens Subdivision. Massive rivers of Lava could be seen cascading down the Pali. That Lava river could be seen from the Hawaii county viewing area because it was so huge. Just to note the Hawaii county viewing area is located approximately 3 1/2 miles away. Our guests got up to it with in a 1/2 mile from the river. A lot of surface flows on the coastal plains. Our guests were very Happy over the viewing that we had last night. Strong activity and continue to have strong activity because of strong inflation at the summit. Inflation is still arise after a couple days but deflation will be occurring in the next couple days. But as of right now we are having a tremendous amount of activity. So book a tour soon! Also we are providing and recommending private tours which you and your party will have your own guide with out the rest of the crowd. Mahalo and have a great day!

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