July 30,2012 Lava Update

Aloha gang and it is good to be back on the flow field after a day off because of Deflation. Late Saturday night early Sunday morning Deflation switched to Inflation. There was a steady inflation for over a day but as of Monday afternoon Deflation had started but very slow. Yesterday, we had couple earthquakes that shook the island. One at around 12am this morning at the summit of Kilauea.It was a 3.2 magnitude earthquake. It had no effect on the Lava activity. New flows had started to form on the Pali. We had taken a day off because of lack of lava on the coastal plains and the cause of that is significant Deflation. As of today there was a lot of LAVA. Fluid lava too. We had a 4pm tour and 2, 5pm tours today. The Pali was very active tonight. And so was the coastal plains. Lava is approximately 1.2 miles from the ocean. There is no ocean entries at this time. Lav had continued flowing on the coastal plains tonight. On the Pali there were an eastern lobe which was heading east towards the Kalapana area but it is a long ways away. The Kalapana Lava viewing area could view this flow from there viewing point. Aloha stay tune for more posts of the Lava updates. Also you can check out a video of today’s activity on our video page. It would be available on Tuesday morning.

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