August 2, 2012 Lava tour update

Aloha gang and Happy ALOHA FRIDAY! Lastnights tour was great. Both of our tours got up to some nice surface flows on the coastal plains. Both of our tours had a nice show Lastnight. Both on the coastal plains and the Pali(hillside) were very active. On the Pali we could see massive rivers cascading down a steep hill and and flowing on to the coastal plains. Huge glow could be seen from the County viewing area in Kalapana. On the coastal plains there many breakouts that we could get up to. We could view some little rivers to some incredible HUGE rock moving breakouts. Both of our tours stayed out for almost 2 hours because of the beautiful activity. It is approximately 1.2 miles from the ocean from our last GPS reading and heading in the Kalapana direction which is east at this time. Deflation had started yesterday at noon. Very slow and nothing to worry about right now. We are expecting an inflation today or tonight. Well aloha everyone and have great ALOHA FRIDAY!

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