August 24, 2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone and hope everyone had a great ALOHA Friday! Lava on the flow field is still active at this time. The activity on the coastal plains were very impressive. Lava flows is still approximately 1/3 of a mile from the base of the Royal Gardens Pali. Not advancing towards the ocean to much but is very active still. The activity moved just about 20 yards towards the ocean. Not much but the flow field is wide spread. No ocean entry at this time. Also the eastern flow on the Pali also did not advance down the hillside that much but also is still very active. Don’t get us wrong! the flow on the coastal plains is flowing really good. View the pictures below. At the summit the tilt meter had started inflation on Thursday and threw Friday. Activity will get more active Saturday and Sunday on the coastal plains. The HVO webcams had showed minor flows on the coastal plains but a hill obscured the view of what is really happening on the flow field. Book a tour now for an experience you will never forget! ALOHA

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