August 26, 2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone and we hope everyone had a great Sunday! For us, the lava activity still was very high. Lava on the coastal plains was also very active. On the HVO webcam, the flows didn’t seem to be very active and looked very sluggish. Don’t let that fool you. Over the past couple months the different flow periods have created a berm that obscures the visual contact of the active flows. The leading edge of the coastal plains flow is just shy of the 1/2 mile mark from the Royal Gardens Subdivision¬† hillside. There is no ocean entry at this time. It is pretty far from the ocean, but it is making it’s way though. At the summit we¬† had steady inflation for the past 3 to 4 days. The lava lake has risen almost to the top of the rim. Both the 4pm and the 5pm tours were able to get up to some awesome LAVA flows. Check out our tour pictures and you can decide there. Awesome photo’s by Kalapana Cultural Tours Guides. Also you can friend us at facebook under Kalapana-Cultural Tours for more info and updates. Aloha and have a great day!



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