October 1, 2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone and welcome to the beginning of October. Last nights tour was very incredible. It was pretty wet because of the rain but our guests was so excited and happy of the Lava show. The Lava has almost reached the coastal plains. The Hike is a little easier and shorter at this time. There were 2 lobes making its way down the slopes of Royal Gardens Subdivision. The first lobe and the more active lobe is the eastern lobe which is the closest to the Kalapana Area and also is making its path next to Kipuka #2 towards the east in the royal Gardens subdivision. The eastern lobe has advanced just about 150 meters per day on an average. We are expecting this eastern lobe will hit the coastal plains by Friday. The next Lobe is the more southern lobe which is on the south side of Kipuka #2 on the southern end. That lobe is a little smaller then the eastern lobe but is also very strong. With strong Inflation and weak Deflation this flow will be making it’s way towards the ocean in no time but only time will tell. Aloha!

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