October 05, 2012 Tour/Update

Aloha! The lava activity is really good and last night’s tour was treated to another amazing show from Tutu Pele. Small rivers of lava were seen coming down the base of the Pali. We were not able to get up close to these rivers, but we were able to safely get close to other nice surface flows. The Kipuka has been further burned and covered by lava. The bottom of the Kipuka will soon be no more. The leading edge of the flow has moved from the base of the Pali approximately 250 yds.The overall activity is very good, so book your tour now. Aloha!

We are now offering a 3:30pm and a 4:30 pm tour. For more information or reservations contact us via email or at (808) 936-0456. Aloha

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