October 9,2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone again! October 9,2012 lava tour was very cool. The lava flows have been very active in this past month of October. The Lava flows have been advancing tremendously due to steady inflation at the summits. Strong inflation had made the flows advance more then 250 yards a day which is pretty impressive. Lava on the Royal Gardens hillside have hardened but all of the activity were on the coastal plains. Lava has surrounded one of the HVO webcams and flowed within 20 feet of the camera and moved east. There is only one lobe which is the eastern lobe and it’s moving towards the east. The leading edge of the flows are approximately 1/2 mike from the base of the Royal Gardens hillside and just under a mile from the ocean. Today is the first day of October for deflation at the summit. Inflation will occur soon. Aloha and hope to you see on the tour.

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