October 15, 2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha and welcome to another update of our Lava tours. Last nights Lava tours were awesome and successful. First tour which was led by Mikey had a fabulous time. They were able to get up right next to surface Lava flows. Our guests on that specific to  were very happy of what our tour could offer. The 4:30 tour, which was led by Ikaika had a incredible time also. They were at the Lava for almost 2 hours. Lava activity were at a minimal. Due to a slight deflation at the summit the activity had slowed a touch. But still there were a lot of action. Beautiful surface flows, flowed in to little rivers filling a crevasse or little depressions in the earth. Inflation had started this morning and slowly got up to level and this evening would be a perfect night for Lava viewing. The leading edge had stalled a little with minor flows occurring but the flanks of the flow field showed deffer. There were a lot of flows on the flank but after this inflation the leading edge would be activated again and hopefully would start flowing again.

Just wanted to note! On our 4:30 tour, Ikaika took out 12 guest which 6 of them got a rude awakening. What I mean! They were at the county viewing area before hours and ran across an illegal tour company trying to take out tours. They were at the county viewing area at just around 12pm(4hours before operating time). The guide for the illegal company¬† book these 6 people on a tour for $100 per person($600 for all six ppl) The illegal tour guide told these guys to pay at that time to reserve there spots. So they did. The tour guide said it is too early to go out so meet back at this spot in 3 hours(3pm). So they did. While reaching back at 3pm that so called tour guide didn’t show. They waited for over an hour. NO SHOW! They were very disappointed! This had happened many times this year. Just beware on who you look up. We will guarantee you a tour. Aloha everyone and beware for those people.

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