October 21,2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone!Steady inflation at the summit has intensify the flows out on the coastal plains. Inflation for 5 days straight has been creating some impressive flows on the coastal plains this evening. Awesome glow could be seen from Pu’u O’o vent. Lava in the vent have been over flowing from the lava lake and started to flow onto the crater floor. Glow from those flows have been bright at times during the tours. There were couple spots flowing Lava on the top of the Royal Gardens subdivision. These flows could be viewable from the county viewing area.

Both tours Sunday night were incredible. Both tours were able to get up to some great flows. The volume of Lava on the coastal plains were very visible Sunday night. The leading edge of the flows are just under a mile after GPS readings. But the flow field is wide spread. Majority of the flows are on the eastern part of the active flow field. During this long and steady inflation at the summit, our guides have reported that the activity is really high. So book a tour now before the flows start decreasing.ALOHA!

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