October 23,2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone and welcome to another episode of Kalapana Cultural Tours Daily Blog. Inflation at the summit and Pu’u O’o is still rising at a steady rate. Lava is still remaining at a high level in the crater. Halemaumau crater has been very active in the past week and also the Lava level has rose to almost 25 meters below the rim of the crater. As for Pu’u O’o cater the north pit has been showing a lot of activity and also been over flowing Lava onto the crater. The eastern pit has been rising to the rim and been on the verge of over flowing. The glow from the crater could been seen from the coastal plains.

As for our tours. We had 3 tours go out to the Lava flow. All three were successful on seeking Lava.  Lava flows on the coastal plains had not advance significantly but had spread through out the area. Many different breakouts were easy to view. Incredible rivers again amazed everyone. Small peeking breakouts to huge long lasting rivers flowed on the coastal plains. Lava flows will be extremely active this week but mother could change that really fast. Book a tour while the Lava is HOT! ALOHA.


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