October 27, 2012 Tour/Update

Aloha! We had some amazing flows last night. Multiple Big surface flows were visible and our groups got up close to them. The action from the 26th was very similar to last night’s activity. The tiltmeter is currently recording a DI deflation as this blog is being written, but may change shortly. The leading edge of the flow is approximately 1 – 3/4 mile away from the ocean and is still spreading out. There are some fingers of lava that are moving slightly eastward and making the hike slightly shorter, but not less strenuous.  Last night had much more action with the Tsunami sirens going off in the distance because of the 7.7 quake in British Colombia. Everyone got back safely and were able to evacuate to higher ground, including ourselves. Mahalo to everyone for their cooperation and understanding of the situation. Until next time, Aloha!

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