October 28,2012 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Finally we have a significant amount of deflation. Deflation had started at 12am Sunday morning and also through the whole day of Sunday. But deflation had started to level out and now we will be anticipating an inflation soon. This event could play a role in the Canadian earthquake. The earthquake took place on the same tectonic plate as Hawaii. The seismic meters on the summit of Kilauea also picked up the quake in Canada. Lava activity at Pu’u O’o vent have been high and is still elevated. But this Deflation event has been the most deflation since Late August early September.

Our tours Last night was very successful lastnight. Many flows lastnight on the coastal plains. On the Royal Gardens Pali, We could see a nice breakout trickling down the hillside and also these flows could also beĀ  seen from the County Viewing Area. Out on the coastal plains, The leading edge was very active lastnight. Our guides have reported to see some awesome flows on the flow front but our tours were just couple hundred yards above the leading edge where a beautiful flow opened up and had been steady for the rest of the night. All of our guest were able to get up to a nice flow. Book a tour now while it s flowing. ALOHA!

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