December 12,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! 12/12/12 was an interesting day. We had got some rain in our area but that didn’t disappoint our guests. All of our guests were just amazed and stunned to what they just have witnessed. Lava on the coastal plains were just incredible. There were many surface flows that were visible and also the ocean entry didn’t disappoint either. Hiking distance have not change but also keep in mind that the hike is a extreme hike. No trails or walk ways. But it is fairly easy for an average hiker. We had three tours last night and all was a success. There will 60% chance of rain through the whole week. Also we will be doing Lava ocean tours soon.

Inflation and Deflation had been fluctuating through this week. Minor tilt action at the summit. The activity at both craters(Halema’uma’u crater,Pu’u O’o crater) has been steady but weak. No big changes in the past week. The Lava lake rose and fell in a minimal amount yesterday. We are wondering what will happen next. We will be keeping an eye on it. Mahalo and have great Thursday. ALOHA!!!

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