December 14,2012 Guided Lava Flow Update

Aloha everyone! Lava is still entering the ocean at a minimal and surface above were excellent. Aloha everyone and welcome to another addition of our guided Lava tour update. Yesterday again the weather held up for our guests and made the tours a success for them also. Beautiful sunset again. The Lava flows on the coastal plains were again active in many areas but most just about 1/4 of a mile towards the Pali from the ocean entry. Beautiful breakouts and cascading flows over cracks and small little cliffs. Just amazing to see. At the ocean entry the flows were awesome again. As for volume, there was not as much volume. Nice little rivers of hot Lava entered the ocean last night. All of our guests were happy and amazed again.

As for the summit of Kilauea, still minor fluctuations of tilt for both summits and no changes. Lava levels remained normal and active. Lava breakouts on the Royal Gardens Pali could be seen from the county viewing area. Mahalo and stay tune for more pictures and updates everyday. Have a great day. ALOHA!!!

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