December 17,2012 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha everyone! Ocean entry had stalled but surface flows are active at this time. Guides yesterday have reported that the Lava ocean entry had stalled and the action there was very weak but they have also reported that the surface active just up hill from the ocean entry was very active. Many different ocean entries were active. Our groups were able to see nice rivers of Lava creeping it’s way towards the ocean. Our guests were very happy.

At the summit of Kilauea, Inflation had started Last night and through out the morning. After a long period of Deflation Lava active on the coastal plains were slow. Inflation will heighten the active today and tomorrow. We are hoping activity will resume the Lava ocean entry in the next two days. Lava on the Pulama Pali was also active and visible from the county viewing area. Mahalo and book a tour now while the Lava is flowing.Aloha!

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