December 22,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha! Activity on the coastal plains was high last  night. Steady Inflation at the summit  has caused activity to rise, not only on the summits but also on the Pulama Pali and the coastal plains. No ocean entry at this time but with this activity, ocean entry will be soon for the flow field. All of our guests were extremely happy last night. Huge rivers of Lava flowed towards the sea with many different fingers of Lava extending easterly. THERE IS NO OCEAN ENTRY at this time. Also guests at the county viewing area were treated with some incredible flows on the Pulama Pali. These flows are pretty far away and has been making it’s way down the Pali for just about a week now. Just for your info we will not be going out today because of our company Christmas party. We will be operating on Christmas eve and Christmas Day. But if you are eager t go out today you can call Dave at Lava Beds Hawaii at (808)315-2256 for a wonderful private Lava tour. Mahalo everyone! Have a great day!




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