December 27 and 28,2012 Guided Lava Tours

Aloha everyone! Inflation has occurred at the summit of Kilauea Volcano. Inflation had occurred on the morning of the 27th of December. A small ocean entry was reported on our Thursday afternoon tour and has continued through out our Friday the 28th tours. Not a very big ocean entry but something to see at this time. There are two small rivers entering the ocean at this time. At the summit of Halema’uma’u crater, the Lava lake rose just beneath the inner ledge of the crater. Views at the Jagger museum was prime for guests. Full moon night was in the foreground. At Pu’u O’o crater, the north eastern pit remain active and has been supplying Lava to the coastal plains at this time. Lava action will be high in the next few days.

As for our tours. Our guest were able to see both point of views of the Lava. First view would be entering the ocean and second view would be surface flows which is just more inland from the oceans edge. The ocean entry was minimal but  by the steady inflation, the ocean entry might be more active and also the surface activity would be a lot higher. Nice rivers of Lava were seen on both days flowing on the surface. Our guests were extremely happy for the tour out come. Book a tour now while the Lava is flowing. ALOHA!



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