January 5,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Our Guided Lava Tour yesterday went extremely well. All of our tours were able to see and view beautiful flows on the coastal plains ad also at the ocean entry. Lava levels at the summit f Halemaumau crater and at Pu’u O’o crater had rose last night because of sudden Inflation. Inflation had occurred at 11:00am yesterday. After a long term of Deflation for almost 6 days, finally we have inflation. That would mean more Lava is entering the tube systems at this time and also making it’s way to the coastal plains in the next couple days.

As for our tours last night, the Lava flows were still active on the coastal plains and the ocean entry. The surface active were just above the ocean entry. Breakouts were easy to view and very approachable. All of guests again were extremely happy. Surface activity were everywhere and had no sign of slowing down. With this inflation at the summits, Lava activity will be really good in the next few days. As for the ocean entries. There were approximately 3 different locations. All were visible and easy to see. What a incredible night. Aloha and hopefully we see you on our tour soon. Mahalo!


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