January 6,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha folks! Inflation is in full force and both craters(Halemaumau and Pu’u O’o) Lava lake levels is on a rise. Lava levels at Halemaumau crater had rose just beneath the inner ledge of the crater but did not over flow. Halemaumau crater seems to be really active at this time. As for Pu’u O’o crater, On the thermal webcam that the HVO geologists provide for the public to see, the Lava lake remained really active and also there were some short flows spurred up on the crater floor. This Inflation will spur up activity on the coastal plains and the ocean entry.

As for our tours, Lava presented itself just above the ocean entry. Lava flows on the surface were easy to approach and were incredible. But after a long deflation episode flows were slow. With Inflation now, the flows will be in full force tonight. The ocean entry was still active and flowing but because of long term deflation, the we could see a significant change. At the end of the night on our last tour, our guides have reported that activity was getting better. That reason in because the huge Inflation that have started. Right now would be the perfect time to book a tour. Hope to see you soon. Mahalo!

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