January 8,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! First off I like to say a big Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters for an incredible flight yesterday afternoon. Also a special thanks to Rich,who was our pilot for the afternoon. We would recommend Paradise Helicopters for an awesome experience and also recommend Marco or Rich as your pilots. Just an awesome flight. The Lava lake in Pu’u O’o crater from the air was very active. The level of the lake was approximately just below the rim of the crater and bubbling lava circulated the in portion of the lake. As for the activity, t is really high at this time.

Lava is still continuing to flow into the ocean and on the surface. The surface activity was very a high and our guests were treated to some incredible flows. The ocean entry was wide spread. The flow is approximately 1/2 of a mile wide. The most eastern ocean entry seems to be the most active but the southern ocean entry seems to be very active also. A new ocean entry seems to be making it’s way to the ocean between  the south entry and the east entry points. All of our guests were extremely happy and amazed by the tour. Mahalo.

Also on a note! We like to say a special thanks to couple of our guides Andrew and Ikaika on helping out on a rescue mission last night. Aiding the Hawaii Police and Fire department rescue team on rescuing a missing hiker situation. Andrew and Ikaika had found the hikers around 6 miles off course of the county viewing area at around 1a.m this morning. Both hikers were unable to hike anymore. Both our guides and also some rescue personnel stayed put with the victims with warm blankets and a shelter until the morning. Where the rescue operation followed with an air lift out from the top of the mountain. Without our guides expertise and the knowledge of the area those people would have not made it out alive. The mountain was rainy and cold. With no warm wear and at an age of 65 and 70 it was not looking good. So Mahalo to our guides Ikaika and Andrew for a job well done. Also walking out on your own poses a high level of concern and also it is illegal because of private properties but if you do, this kind of rescue operation has not been the first. in this NEW YEAR alone there were 12 parties rescued in determining 28 people from January 1,2013. We don’t want this to be you. ALOHA!


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