January 10,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone again! Lava activity still remain active even though there is a deflation episode at this moment. Deflation has occurred this morning at around 3a.m. The tilt meters have recorded  a 2 microdian drop at the summit of Kilauea. There was a slight change at Pu’u O’o crater as in tilt activity but nothing major at the moment. At Halemaumau crater, the Lava lake had rose just beneath the inner ledge but right at the time of DI deflation the Lava lake dropped a little but still remain high. At Pu’u O’o crater there were no significant change at this time. The activity remains very high at Pu’u O’o crater.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

As for our tours, the Lava activity on the Surface and the ocean remained at a high level. Lava continued to enter the ocean 4 different ocean entries. The most active one is the eastern ocean entry. A couple different streams of Lava could be seen from the specific entry point. Nice viewing tonight. As for the surface activity, the surface flows were active also. any different flows were easy to be seen and also safe to approach. Book a tour now before he Lava gets cold. Aloha and have  great ALOHA Friday. Mahalo!


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