January 14,2012 Hawaii Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone again! Lava continued to be very active at the summit of Kilauea and also in the area of Kalapana. The Lava lake at Halemaumau crater was also very active and had rise and over flowed the inner ledge of the crater. This special event has not occurred for a while. The DI tilt meter has been increasing for over 3 days and resumes to be at a high level on the meter also. Halemaumau crater viewing must be incredible at night. The glow and sounds of the crater must be wild at this point in time. At Pu’u O’o crater, wild activity was also witnessed on the HVO webcams. The crater has been showing some surface flows erupting out of the eastern pit and also the northern pit. The crater lake has also been overflowing over the last 24 hour. The Tilt meter has been recording some incredible fluctuations at Pu’u O’o. Something we haven’t seen for a while also. Both summits of Kilauea has been really active. That means in our end the flows have been awesome.

As for our Guided Lava Tours tonight, The ocean entry was magnificent with 7 cascading Lava falls entering the ocean at once. The sea’s were rough but the Lava was active. Our guests were general impressed by the awesome sight and left speechless. Our tour guests were also treated with some beautiful surface flows which were safe, easy and approachable. The eastern entry was the most active but the southern entries had looked to be just as good also. The southern entry was to far and dangerous but the glow from those particular entry seemed like it was very active also. All of our guests were happy. Join our tour now before the Lava cools down. The action is amazing. Book a tour soon. ALOHA!


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