Guided Lava Hike – January 16, 2013

Aloha Folks! Our tours were great, as there was a lot of activity to be seen. Surface flows were seen flowing over the cliff edge and into the ocean. Not to mention there were multiple ocean entry points that were just spectacular. The ocean entries are spread out along approximately .25 mi of  the cliffside. Lava benches can be seen being created, but we are viewing the ocean entry from the old cliffside. Lava benches, or deltas can disappear or fall into the ocean without warning. This would be a very dangerous place to be.

Bright glows could be seen along the flow field as well as from Pu’u O’o. The tilt meter on were very active and the Lava lake has seem to be above it’s normal level. In that case,there is more Lava flowing on the coastal plains since the start of this particular flow in October. The activity is very good at this time, so book your tour to experience this for yourself. Get it while it’s HOT! ALOHA


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