January 22, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! The ocean entry is still very active and spectacular. There are many entry points along a 1/4 mi stretch of coast. There is a small bench (Delta) forming at the ocean entry, but we are viewing the ocean entry from the old sea cliff. A Lava bench or Delta is formed when lava flows into the ocean over previous cliff edge/coastline. The new land has no support, so when it get too heavy it will collapse without warning under it’s own weight.

The surface flows near the Ocean entry seems to have stalled out, but up near the base of the Pali a bright glow could be seen. This would indicate a surface flow at the base of the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. Higher on the Pali there are no visible surface flows to be seen. However, there is a bright glow coming from Pu’u O’o. There is still good activity to be seen. Until next post, Aloha!

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