January 28, 2013 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Steady fluctuations at the summit has spurred up activity at the ocean and on the coastal plains. Lava has entered the ocean for just about 2 months now and lava has no signs of slowing down. Our tours on Sunday has been cancelled due to wind conditions. Unusual winds have restrict tours out to the ocean entry. South winds had blew the sulfiric plume to our viewing point and had restricted viewing. Surface flows were also active yesterday and has been active this week. Lava continued to enter the ocean this morning. Our tours On Monday(01-28-2013) has resumed and viewing was incredible Monday morning. Ocean entry was phenomenal and the surface activity was incredible. Inflation has started again and activity will get better over the course of the week. Book at tour now before the Lava slows down. ALOHA!

These photo’s were taken from our boat this morning which we are doing as of right now. Book a boat tour now also. ALOHA!

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